Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mandarin & Banana Juice

     It's mandarin's season! Who doesn't love this sweet delicious fruit? Actually, Morocco is one of the top 10 producers of mandarin among other fruits from the orange family. We are used to eat it almost everyday in this season. Today, I went to the market with my mother and we bought some. Besides eating the fruit, I like making mandarin juice, fresh and easy. You can use this juice as a base to any cocktail, or you can add just one kind of fruits like banana, apple, or avocado. I chose banana because I like the its flavor. 


-  4 or 5 mandarins
-  2 bananas
- 1 Tbsp sugar (you may omit it)  
-  Water


1- Put the mandarins in a blender. Add water till you cover the fruits and  then blend.

2- Strain the juice into a bowl then pour it back in the blender. Add bananas and sugar and blend again.

Serve the juice and enjoy!

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